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Community Service Officer Mike Keaney, C-11

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The last month has been relatively quiet in large part to the good and extensive work of the drug unit in the previous months. There were no drug arrests in the area. However there has been some drug activity up toward Ashmont Station.

In the last 30 days, there were 32 documented incidents including three domestic violence disturbances. In total there were only a few incidents resulting in arrests.

Three young suspects alleged to have been robbing commuters at knife point for their cell phones near the Radford Lane exit of Ashmont Station were arrested.

From September 22nd to 23rd, four cars were broken into at or near Pope John Paul II Park. This happened during the day while parents were, mostly likely, playing with their kids in the park. Some of the items stolen included cell phones, a GPS device, a purse and $10 in change. One witness observed at approximately 5pm, two black males between the ages of 20-30 years old break her car window, steal her purse and drive away in a white van.  Please take precaution and do not leave anything of value where someone walking or driving by can see it no matter how close you may be to your car.

On September 29th, at 6:41pm, a heavily intoxicated individual was observed slapping cars as they drove by the area of Ashmont Street and Gallivan Blvd. This individual is known to police in the area. Officers attempted to escort the person home when he decided to attempt to fight both police officers. He did not win and, in turn, spent the night in jail.

On October 4th, at 2:49pm, the Boston Police Burglary Task Force was on a routine patrol of the area when they observed a known bank robbery suspect at the intersection of Gallivan Blvd. and Granite Ave. They observed him for a while and then approached the vehicle. The suspect had a suspended license and had approximately $500 in stolen clothes from the Hanover Mall in the vehicle. He was arrested for receiving stolen goods and operating without a license.


Marsh Street Parking Congestion

In recent days, one member noted that the State Police have been active in patrolling the nail salon abutting Toohig Park. As a result cars were neatly parked in the lot without blocking the Gallivan Blvd. sidewalk.

Residents agreed that the parking congestion and continual aggravation on Marsh Street is a result of Mimosa’s Nail Salon employees and customers. Numerous residents detailed incidents where employees would watch for residents leaving and take the parking space in front of their homes for the full day. Residents feel helpless because at present there is no legal way to attempt to make Mimosa act like a good neighbor. It is clear that Mimosa has outgrown their existing parking lot and something new must be done to engage the owner and make them understand the stress and inconvenience being felt by their neighbors for far too long.

If any Cedar Grove Civic Association member goes to Mimosa to get their nails done, it may be helpful for you to speak up for your Marsh Street neighbors and ask the person in charge to be good neighbors and not to block the driveways of or park in front of the residences. Friendly customer input can go a long way.

A discussion among the membership seemed to show resident parking as an unpopular course of action because if employees are from any part of Dorchester they would still be able to park in those spaces. It was agreed to table any decisions on the Marsh Street situation to next month’s meeting where we hope the State Police will join us to update the membership on their recent activity in the area.

An important note for all residents of Marsh and Frazer Streets: If the Marsh Street entrance is blocked to the point where a fire engine or ambulance could not fit down the street, you can call 911 to ask that cars be removed because preventing an emergency vehicles access on a public way is a public safety emergency.

The Executive Board will approach the owner to attempt to schedule a non-confrontational meeting to discuss the situation. Additionally, the E-Board will approach CVS about the possibility of leasing spaces to the local businesses during the work day.

McDonald’s Drive-Thru Discussion

Led by Jeff Brewster, Owner of the Gallivan Blvd. McDonald’s


FYI: As per Cedar Grove Civic Bi-Laws, no decision vote (Yes or No) can be taken until 30 days from the initial presentation.  This meeting served as the initial presentation.

The following is an unbiased/minimally edited account of Mr. Brewster’s Presentation. Community input and questions follow.

Mr. Brewster, kicked off the discussion by informing the membership that he has not filed any paperwork with City Hall because he, as he has always done in the past, wanted to discuss the proposal with the Civic Association first. Jeff presented his record of community participation. He highlighted his award from the Boston Police Department for combating the drug activity in the area through the installation of parking lot cameras and his “Business of the Year” Award from Cedar Grove Civic Association two years ago. Mr. Brewster cited his regular appearances at the monthly meetings and participation in neighborhood clean ups as evidence of his dedication to being a good business neighbor.

In addressing issues from the last time (a year and a half ago) he resented a drive thru plan to the membership, Jeff stated that crime studies show that drive-thru’s do not bring more crime to the area. He would add approximately 30 new neighborhood jobs. The traffic study from a year and half ago, should no significant increase in traffic to the area. McDonald’s, in response to traffic accidents would make the Granite Ave. exit right turn only.

John Cusic of Bohler Engineering walked the membership through the plan which in addition to the right turn only exit onto Granite Ave, includes the elimination of twelve parking spaces which brings the total from 40 down to 28.  No changes in existing curbing are planned. The traffic pattern of the drive-thru would have customers placing their order on the Granite Ave. side and circling around the building to exit on Gallivan Blvd.

Mr. Brewster stated that 60-70% of McDonald’s customers are drive-thru. He expects only three cars waiting to be served as a maximum. He would install signage and instruct managers to make customers turn down their radios as they are waiting. If a drive-thru is approved he would not propose changing the current McDonald’s highway sign to say drive thru on it.

Jeff stated that the drive-thru would alleviate the congestion inside the restaurant and he would not ask for an increase in the hours of operation. The current McDonald’s license allows them to be open to midnight however Jeff closes it at 11pm.

Community Feedback & Key Points:

The last traffic study was conducted more than a year and half ago. Mr. Brewster has agreed to turn over the study and the drive thru plans. As soon as I have them, they will be emailed to the membership to review.

Jeff said to expect only an increase of 10 total daily customers. Numerous members found this suspect at best because for ten additional customers it hardly seems financially worth the hiring of an engineering firm and the construction of a drive-thru, especially if he previously said that 60-70% of McDonald’s customers are drive-thru. Would customers who frequent the McDonald’s in Quincy suddenly make the switch to Dorchester if it gets a drive thru? This was not answered. And no evidence was presented documenting why only an increase of ten customers would occur.

Regarding the Right Turn Only exit onto Granite Ave., one member pointed out that this would add significant traffic to St. Brendan Road because all those seeking to get back on the highway would, if they are only able to exit on Gallivan Blvd., have to use St. Brendan Road to circle back to either Hilltop or Milton Street to reconnect with the highway. Jeff responded by saying he thought the community wanted no left turns onto Granite Ave. If the community does not want that he will not do it. It is also worth noting there is a sign currently saying no left turns but because it is on McDonald’s property it cannot legally be enforced.

Regarding the music volume signs, one member pointed out how Mt. Washington Bank touted the same concept of alleviating the noise of those using the drive-up ATM. The resident said that there literally is not a night when his house is not shaking due to someone’s base. Signs and managers as a noise deterrent was not received well by those near McDonald’s who attended.

Other concerns included the safety of local kids walking in the McDonald’s parking lot with cars pulling out while looking to make sure their order is correct,

No resident’s spoke in favor of the proposal.


A full membership vote will take place at next month’s meeting.  To be eligible to vote, members must be in good standing and have been paid members for at least 30 days preceding the vote.

Deadline to become a new or renewed member and be able to vote on the McDonald’s Drive Thru is Friday, October 12th.


To be sure you are included drop off the following information to my mailbox (Dan Cullinane at 51 Hillsdale Street in Dorchester.) Your name, address, phone number and email with your payment of $10 per individual member. Please make checks payable to Cedar Grove Civic Association.

If you have questions on your membership status please email me at

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