Just a friendly reminder from your friends at the Cedar Grove Civic Association that today is Election Day and it’s time to vote! The polls are open until 8:00 PM, so there is still plenty of time to get out there and be counted if you haven’t done so already.

…But, I don’t event know where to vote!
For polling locations, simply go to www.WhereDoIVoteMA.com, type in your address and they’ll tell you where to go!

…But, I’m not sure I’m even registered!
To check your registration status, including information on what address you are registered at and where to vote, visit www.CityOfBoston.gov/Elections/Voter and they’ll get that straightened out for you.

…But, my vote doesn’t matter, Massachusetts isn’t a swing state!
Your vote DOES matter, the Presidential election is just one question on the ballot today. You could cast the deciding vote in the Senate Race or one of the statewide ballot questions. Find out what’s on your ballot by visiting the State Elections Commission Website.

But, I already voted! I’m on the Cedar Grove CIVIC Association website, aren’t I?!
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