Public Safety Issue

Those patrons of the nail salon directly in front of Toohig Park who park on the Gallivan Blvd. sidewalk preventing access to the sidewalk can be ticketed $80 per offense. Residents are encouraged to keep an eye on the situation and call police if access to the sidewalk is blocked.

Crime Update: Boston Police Community Service Officer Mike Keaney of C-11

In the 30 days preceding last month’s meeting there were 40 documented incidents resulting in 8 arrests.

On Aug. 9th at 3:30pm Mt. Washington Bank on Gallivan Blvd. was robbed via a note to teller. The thief made off with $601. No one was hurt in the incident and the 31 year old thief was apprehended in a Weymouth hotel high on heroin. He is from Quincy.

On Aug. 14th at 1:11pm a 20 year old woman from upstate New York was arrested at the intersection of Minot and Adams Street for attempted solicitation/prostitution.

On Aug. 20th at 740 Gallivan Blvd., the Staples parking lot, a 37 year old from Dorchester was arrested for selling two bags of heroin to a man from Norwood. He was arrested for Intent to distribute a class A substance in a school zone.

On Aug. 21st the BPD drug control unit observed a hand to hand drug transaction in the McDonald’s parking lot. Suspect was apprehended on Newhall Street. He was a 32 year old from Cambridge selling crack to a woman from Woburn.

On September 10th at 5:38pm the gun shots were fired behind Ashmont Station. 4-5 loud pops were heard and a couple of parked cars were hit. No one was injured during the incident which is under investigation and more plain clothes units have been dispatched to the area.

Sidewalk Funding

Through the hard work of our State elected officials $3.5 million in funding has been allocated for new sidewalks from BC High to Adams Street and for Gallivan Blvd.

State Police Update: Trooper Jim Gordon from South Boston

The State Police Community Action Team will be activated at the end of the month and be patrolling in a fully marked cruiser. In a non-emergency you can call the South Boston barracks and speak directly to a trooper without the phone call being recorded (617)740-7710.

The phone call pertaining to Toohig Park had dropped significantly but he will work with BPD to address the issue of the sidewalk being blocked by those in the nail salon on Gallivan Blvd.

Marsh Street Parking Congestion: Boston Transportation Engineer Joe Fulrey

Much was discussed in the first CGCA meeting intended to air all of the issues surrounding serious parking congestion on Marsh Street and the surrounding area due to all day employee parking and customer parking for the nearby businesses

Joe was on hand to walk residents through the pros, cons and processes involved in getting resident parking implemented in the area.

The resident parking process involves the need for the civic association to assemble a petition and gather signatures. Then a vote would need to be held in which 51% of those voting say yes to resident parking. Resident parking can be implemented either on a 24/7 or a confined time period of 8am-6pm for example. In order for it to be enforced BTD would need to include several surrounding streets possibly up to Rita Road. Resident parking can be repealed through the same process.

Resident parking may not solve the problem because if those employee and customers causing the parking congestion happen to live in Dorchester then they would be eligible for the same Dorchester resident parking sticker and be free to park there for however long they want. Resident parking can also be inconvenient if you are having non-Dorchester guests over to visit. Their parking would be limited to limited visitor spaces and often is limited to two hours.

There may be alternatives to resident parking that have more likelihood of solving the problem such as through the enforcement of valet regulations business can’t valet cars in a neighborhood), residents calling the police to document the incidents (which after a certain number of calls a business can possibly become a problem property in the eyes of ISD), State Police consistently ticketing those parked on the sidewalk both proactively and when called by residents and through inviting CVS to possibly lease daytime employee parking spaces to the local businesses using the model which has allowed Neponset Health Care to lease spots across the street for employees.

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