From Community Liaison, Tierney Flaherty of Councilor Maureen Feeney’s Office:

“In response to the concerns brought up at last night’s meeting, Senator Hart and Councillor Feeney reached out today to Mayor Menino, Commissioner Davis, and Superintendent Evans to ask for a strengthened police response.  In good news, we just got word that additional police resources have been allocated for the Neponset and Cedar Grove area.  Thanks to the responsiveness of the Mayor and BPD’s leadership, we should be seeing an increased police presence on our streets soon.”

As we get more specifics, we’ll pass it on.

For those that are not aware, a man was murdered on Nahant Avenue early Monday morning. Read more in the Dorchester Reporter. Last night, over 300 residents flooded Fr. Lane Hall for the monthly Cedar Grove Civic Association Meeting, where Captain Sexton of BPD Area C-11 addressed the membership and other concerned residents.

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